Finding Bigfoot

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Ranae and a Witness Are Stalked in the Woods 03:14

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Ranae and Missy might not have captured something on the therm, but they definitely heard something following them.
Coyotes or Bigfoots? 01:52

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The team is surrounded by multiple packs of coyotes, but is that all they`re hearing?
Possible Whoops Heard in Southern Oregon 01:15

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Something responds to Ranae while on her solo camping trip.
Bobo and Ranae Spot Orbs in the Sky 02:10

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While on a night investigation in Oregon, Bobo and Ranae spot something unexplainable in the sky.
Ghosts or Bigfoots? 02:22

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During the final night investigation, Bobo and the Supernatural Bigfoot Group visit a ghost town. Could it be home to a Bigfoot?
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