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3.0 42 x
In the shocking season finale, Will and Jack risk everything to set an elaborate trap to finally catch Hannibal.

3.0 30 x
Bedelia returns and accepts immunity to testify against Hannibal, while Will and Mason devise a deadly plan to destroy Hannibal.
Ko No Mono

3.0 14 x
Jack discovers the truth about Freddie Lounds, while Will and Hannibal get further entangled with Mason and Margot. Michael Pitt guest stars.

3.0 25 x
As Hannibal looks on approvingly, Will takes a dark turn; Margot grows increasingly concerned about her brother's intentions.

3.0 28 x
With his freedom and reputation restored, Will resumes his psychotherapy sessions with his prime target, Hannibal Lecter.
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