May 2018

05/19/18: The Royal Wedding: A Modern Fairytale

4.0 3 x
20/20: The Royal Wedding: A Modern Fairytale

05/18/18: The Royal Wedding: Legacy and Love

3.0 2 x
Royal wedding ushers in a new era for the monarchy; Princess Diana would have wanted her children to 'marry for love'; How Meghan Markle's 'California casual' style could impact British fashion

05/11/18: Nerves of Steel

4.0 9 x
'Oh, here we go,' Southwest pilot recalled saying after hearing a bang; 'It was terrifying,' recalls passenger on deadly Southwest flight

05/04/18: To Catch a Killer

4.0 41 x
'East Area Rapist' terror grips Sacramento as number of victims rises; Authorities say at least 12 killed by 'Golden State Killer' across California; 'Golden State Killer's' spree allegedly began when he was a cop
April 2018

04/27/18: NXIVM

3.0 6 x
Woman recalls being branded as part of joining secret society; What former NXIVM members say about Keith Raniere's attitude toward women; How 'Smallville' actress became involved with NXIVM

04/20/18: My Reality: A Hidden America - A Diane Sawyer Special

3.0 2 x
Sexual harassment in the workplace and potential solutions.

James Comey

3.0 13 x
The event America's been waiting for - James Comey - his first interview since being fired by President Trump.

04/14/18: Stranger Than Fiction

3.0 7 x
04/14/18: Stranger Than Fiction of the TV-show 20/20 was broadcast by ABC on Friday 13 April 2018 at 5:15PM.

04/13/18: US and Allies Launch Attacks on Syria

4.0 6 x
Strikes will establish a strong deterrent of chemical weapons: Trump; Pentagon officials remark on strikes in Syria

04/06/18: Undercover Mother

4.0 7 x
College student shot dead in Brooklyn neighborhood after night of partying; Mom goes 'undercover' on crusade to free her son convicted of murder; Mom still waiting for son to leave jail, despite overturned conviction