60 Minutes


The Monuments, Seaweed, Alma

4.0 3 x
The history and future of Confederate monuments; then, seaweed farming and its surprising benefits; and, the prodigy whose “first language” is Mozart

Redemption, Voyagers, The Young American

3.0 5 x
Meet a convicted felon who became a Georgetown law professor; then, the little spacecraft that could; and, will Christian Pulisic be the next big name in soccer?

50 years of 60 Minutes

4.0 6 x
Steve Kroft, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bill Whitaker and more look back at 50 seasons of 60 Minutes

Human Cargo, Governor Brown, The Isle of Eigg

3.0 1 x
Scott Pelley reports on human smuggling across the southern border; then, the governor who's castigating the president on climate change; and, Steve Kroft ventures to the Isle of Eigg

The Whistleblower, Donald Sutherland

3.0 2 x
An ex-DEA agent says the opioid crisis has been fueled by the drug industry and Congress; and, the long, unconventional career of Donald Sutherland

Singapore Summit, Secret Weapon, JR

4.0 3 x
What’s at stake when President Trump meets with Kim Jong Un?; then, Facebook "embeds," Russia and the Trump campaign's secret weapon; and, larger than life displays by French photographer JR

Kabul under siege, Feeding Puerto Rico, 'The Greek Freak'

3.0 5 x
Kabul under siege while America's longest war rages on; then, José Andrés feeds the people of Puerto Rico; and, Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Milwaukee Bucks' 'Greek Freak'

Friendly Fire, The Rhino Crisis

3.0 1 x
Why were 5 U.S. soldiers killed by an American bomber in Afghanistan; and, controversial rhino horn sales eyed as solution to poaching crisis

The Real Power of Google, The Theranos deception, The Spotted Pig

3.0 6 x
How did Google get so big; then, the Theranos deception; and, Mario Batali and the Spotted Pig

100,000 Women, Saving a Generation, Shock Therapy

3.0 5 x
Gynecological Mesh: The medical device that has 100,000 women suing; then, Bill Whitaker reports on how the opioid epidemic is leaving grandparents to raise grandchildren; and, is shock therapy making a comeback?