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June 2014

The Octopus!

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Construction workers are at the mercy of the wind, while trying repair the Sagrada Familia Temple.

Sleeping Giant

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The most famous of Japan’s Volcanoes is Mt. Fuji and its activity is being constantly monitored.
January 2014

Unorthodox Sculpting

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It’s rumored that Gaudi used some unorthodox methods to sculpt the temple!
November 2013

Bomb Squad

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Every time they need more stones for the temple, the group has to call in the bomb squad.

Unexpected Threat!

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A special group of temple defenders are fighting off an unpredictable menace.
April 2013

Expensive Chairs!

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Gold leafing added to these chairs is a huge expense but it is worth it.

Packing and Shipping Fish

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Species from the reef get packed and shipped to public aquariums around the world.

Protecting the Reef

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Tourism in the Great Barrier Reef helps build a global desire to protect the reef.