Adam Devine's House Party

May 2016

Vladimir Caamano - Poor ATMs

3.0 21 x
Vladimir Caamano explains what ATMs in bad neighborhoods are like.

Brandon Wardell - Beefing with Big Sean

3.0 81 x
The more a rapper talks about having sex, the less Brandon Wardell thinks he actually has it.

Jak Knight - Chasing White Swans

3.0 21 x
Jak Knight talks about freaking out white women and a disappointing date.

Speed Golf

3.0 35 x
Adam teaches Jak Knight, Brandon Wardell and Vladimir Caamano how to play speed golf.
April 2016

Beware the 100-Year Wave

3.0 34 x
Adam and the comics receive a frightening warning while hanging out on the beach.

Matt Ingebretson - Hocus Pocus Sex

3.0 26 x
Matt Ingebretson explains how to keep the good times going while in a relationship.

Love Triangle

3.0 18 x
Adam interrupts a dramatic moment between Alice Wetterlund, Pat Regan and Joe Sinclitico.

Pat Regan - Sad Song

3.0 69 x
Pat Regan (accompanied by his guitar) performs a song about sadness.

Adam: Genius or Idiot?

3.0 18 x
Adam does his best to act nonchalant when he becomes the subject of a documentary.

Chris Thayer - Realistic Tinder Profile

3.0 24 x
Chris Thayer talks about the absurdity of Tinder profiles.