Ain't That America


Ep. 212 Parenting & School

3.5 49 x
On the season finale of 'Ain't That America,' James Davis comes by to talk about America's two favorite things, parenting and school.

Ep. 211 Dancing & Pets

3.0 49 x
Andrew Schulz hangs out with Lil Duval and Carly as they talk about two things Americas swoon over, dancing and pets.

Ep. 210 Beauty & Working

3.0 38 x
James Davis drops by to talk about how Americans love to look good and work hard.

Ep. 209 Christmas & Pranks

3.0 55 x
Lil Duval, Carly Aquilino and Jon Gabrus talk about two things Americans love, Christmas and pranks.

Ep. 208 Fitness & Weddings

3.0 82 x
Rosa Acosta swings by for a quick workout as we talk about two things Americans are insane about, fitness and weddings.

Ep. 207 Camping & Technology

3.0 45 x
Jon Gabrus joins the 'Ain't That America' set to talk about two things Americans love to use to escape, technology and camping.

Ep. 206 Bad Ideas & Fandemonium

3.0 50 x
Special guest, Waka Flocka Flame, joins Lil Duval, Carly and Andrew Schulz to talk about fandemonium and bad ideas in America.

Ep. 205 Food & Sports

3.0 38 x
Jon Gabrus joins Carly and Lil Duval to review two of our nation's favorite topics, food and sports in true 'Ain't That America' fashion.

Ep. 204 Animals & Talent

3.0 49 x
J.R. Smith from the New York Knicks is in studio along with James Davis to talk about two things we love, animals and talent.

Ep. 203 College & Dating

3.0 49 x
The World Champion, Judah Friedlander, drops by along with Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz to talk about the best days of our lives, college and dating.