Alaska State Troopers


Contraband & Kitchen Knives

3.0 50 x
Alaska State Troopers rescue a fallen hiker, keep the streets safe from life-threatening drunk drivers, and track down a wanted man.
Episodes 2014

Too Drunk To Drive

3.0 76 x
From a hot pursuit on ice covered roads to a moose disrupting busy streets, no patrol measures up to the bone chilling magnitude as these state troopers. ALASKA STATE TROOPERS airs Tuesdays on National Geographic Channel.

Head-On Collision

3.0 55 x
Ice blankets the roads of Alaska, causing major issues for residents and the Alaska State Troopers trying to keep them safe. ALASKA STATE TROOPERS airs Tuesdays on National Geographic Channel.

Moose or Bear?

3.0 60 x
Wildlife Trooper Lindberg patrols the valley and finds a group that has killed a moose.

Road Kill

3.0 48 x
Troopers set up a sting operation to take down some illegal hunting on a public road.

Knock, Knock, Who's There

3.0 33 x
Troopers try to flush a wanted criminal from remote areas in Alaska’s back country.

More To The Point

3.0 46 x
Trooper Derner pulls over a motorist whose driving isn't sharp, but his cargo is.

Death Wish

3.0 48 x
Trooper Hayes responds to a 911 call and finds an armed man with mental issues.

Warranted Aggression

3.0 36 x
Trooper Mulvaney goes toe to toe with a suspect who tries to avoid detection, and the law.

Dearly Departed

3.0 51 x
Trooper Withers answers the call of a junkie ex-boyfriend threatening his former girlfriend.