Alaskan Bush People

January 2020

Season 11, Episode 8 - Where There's Water There's a Way

4.0 4 x
As the siblings race to complete their ambitious water system, Billy gets news that shakes the Wolfpack and redirects their future. Meanwhile, Bear goes on an important hunt where he reflects on an important life decision.

Season 11, Episode 7 - Noah's Animal Ark

4.0 8 x
The Browns flee the mountain during a dangerous lightning storm in the heat of fire season. To ensure their safety, they devise ingenious new fire safety measures, including a bush alert system and animal evacuation ark, which they put to the test.

Season 11, Episode 6 - Bear Meets Girl

4.0 12 x
When an ostrich lays its first egg, the Brown siblings rush to figure out how to incubate it. Bear gets a special visit from a girl on North Star Ranch as the family prepares for a surprise celebration for Billy and Ami's 40th wedding anniversary.

Season 11, Episode 5 - Bam Bam's Big Build and Bears

3.0 8 x
A hungry predator encroaches deeper onto North Star Ranch forcing Bird and Gabe to take stronger action. Bam must play nice with his siblings in an effort to finally break ground on his homestead. Gabe has an incredible surprise for the Wolf Pack.

Season 11, Episode 102 - Beyond the Bush

3.0 2 x
The Wolfpack gathers and gets candid about untold secrets and burning questions that fans have wondered for years. From epic adventure to major struggles, they expose their world like never before.

Season 11, Episode 4 - A Very Bush Wedding

4.0 2 x
The wolfpack prepares for their first ever wedding in the bush. But as the family prepares to welcome a new member, emotions run high and the Browns struggle to keep their most ambitious project on track.
December 2019

Season 11, Episode 3 - Storm's Fury

3.0 2 x
The first major storm of the season threatens the family's progress. With a big bush wedding coming in days, the Browns race to obtain and haul much needed water tanks before the full force of the storm hits.
August 2019

Season 10, Episode 2 - The Wolfpack vs. the Wolf

4.0 30 x
The Browns raise their defenses after discovering a dangerous new predator stalking their ranch. Later, Bird works on the Birdhouse while Gabe constructs an apartment for him and Raquell in the family barn.

Season 10, Episode 1 - King of the Mountain

4.5 25 x
With winter closing in, the Wolfpack races to build their homes before the ground begins to freeze. Later, a snowstorm threatens progress as they haul Bear's new house--a shipping container--up to the highest peak on the mountain.
July 2019

Season 10, Episode 102 - Married on the Mountain

4.0 25 x
After months of anticipation, Gabe and Raquell gather friends and family for the first Brown family bush wedding on the mountain! Each member of the Wolfpack contributes in different ways to make this big day special.