America's Ballroom Challenge


Episode 3: Grand Finale

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The grand finale! Four championship couples compete across dances styles to determine a single winning couple. Each duo performs two pull-out-all-the-stops solos, limited only by their own imaginations. At the end of the grueling competition, the judges name one of these couples “America’s Best.”

Episode 2: International Standard and International Latin

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The second hour is a study in contrasts – from flowing gowns and graceful waltzes of the classical Standard Division to the sensational footwork and provocative moves of the sizzling International Latin style. Find out which two couples are crowned champions and advance to the grand finale.

Episode 1: American Smooth and American Rhythm

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The series kicks off with the American Smooth and American Rhythm divisions. Finalists in each style compete first as a group, with all the dancers on the floor at once, as judges gauge their mastery of the required dances. Then each couple has a chance to shine: a showdance solo with all eyes on them alone. In the end, ...