American Chainsaw

July 2014

Just A Little Uptight

3.0 28 x
Jesse the micromanager always likes things done a certain way.

Making a Water Squirting Sculpture

3.0 41 x
Are Jesse and his team up to the challenge?

Will Grandma Clown Be Ready Ontime?

3.0 60 x
Will Grandma Clown Be Ready Ontime? of the TV-show American Chainsaw was broadcast by National Geographic on Friday 4 July 2014 at 6:37PM.
March 2013

Will Grandma clown be ready on time?

3.0 34 x
The team works hard to finish Grandma Clown by the deadline.

The Sugar Maple Stump

3.0 22 x
Time to carve a stump into a squirrel. But this one’s made of hardwood.
February 2013

Weather Alert

3.0 46 x
Determined to get the job done, Jesse stubbornly refuses to come in out of a rainstorm.