American Dad

May 2016

Daesong Heavy Industries

Expired 3.5 287 x
Stan loses his faith in religion after Steve questions everything in the Bible. He takes the family to Korea to investigate the rumors of a reinvented "Noah's Ark."

The Nova Centauris-burgh Board of Tourism Presents: American Dad

Expired 1.5 81 x
Francine joins in on Steve and his pals' live-action role-playing game. Stan opens a knock-off Seaworld in the house.
April 2016

Widow's Pique

Expired 3.0 81 x
When Stan is on a mission, Francine pretends she's a widow. Steve and his friends play wrestling and get beat up by Principal Lewis.

The Dentist's Wife

Expired 3.0 94 x
Roger loses his identity after becoming fascinated by a local dentist's wife. Meanwhile, Klaus throws a party when Stan and the kids are unable to move from being sore after working out.

The Unincludeds

Expired 3.0 320 x
Steve and Snot alter their futures when they throw a party for the uncool kids. Meanwhile, Roger is disgruntled when a waitress doesn't compliment his order and Stan and Francine go on vacation in Bosnia.
March 2016

The Two Hundred

Expired 3.0 172 x
Stan, tattooed and haunted, travels a barren Langley Falls alone. Meanwhile, a mysterious element known as The Two Hundred has reigned terror on the town and separated Stan from his family.


Expired 3.0 151 x
Francine sets out to help news anchor Greg when he and Terry split up. Roger becomes obsessed with a fictional boy from an old game called Dream Phone.

Stan-Dan Deliver

Expired 3.0 161 x
Roger becomes a teacher at Steve's school and gets involved with a class of underprivileged kids. Meanwhile, Stan and Francine visit a retirement home and Stan decides to stay.

The Devil Wears a Lapel Pin

Expired 2.5 177 x
When Stan is given the task of putting together the CIA calendar, Hayley attempts to destroy it. Meanwhile, Roger gets a Discover card and fakes his death to get out of paying the enormous balance.
February 2016

Kiss Kiss, Cam Cam

Expired 3.0 272 x
Stan gets Francine baseball tickets for her birthday but is upset when they have a horrible kiss on the kiss cam. Steve and Roger head to Nevada to help clean polluted water.