American Dream Builders

May 2014

Season Finale: Beach Home

3.0 101 x
In a bid to win it all, Lukas and Jay face off in a design challenge to make over a pair of beach houses.

Episode 109: Victorian Makeovers

3.0 98 x
The final four designers tackle a Victorian home in the last challenge before the finale.

Episode 108: Downtown Lofts

3.0 88 x
The competition heats up as the designers are challenged to make over a pair of modern lofts.
April 2014

Episode 107: Colonial Duplex

3.0 96 x
Sparks fly when all the designers work under one roof for the first time.

Episode 106: California Craftsman

3.5 118 x
The remaining seven designers regroups as teams to renovate a pair of classic California Craftsman-style homes.

Episode 105: Modern Modulars

3.0 268 x
The designers split into teams of two, each charged with reimagining a modular, prefabricated home.

Episode 104: Cabins in the Woods

3.0 114 x
Darren and Dann lead their teams in a challenge to return a pair of rustic mountain cabins to their family getaway glory.

Week 3: Spanish Style Makeovers

3.0 71 x
Erinn and Elaine face off as leaders when their teams rebuild a pair of Spanish style homes.
March 2014

Week 2: Mid-Century Makeover

3.0 24 x
Host Nate Berkus and judges Monica Pedersen and Eddie George preside over the remaining 11 designers' attempts to remake a pair of Palm Springs homes.

The Premiere: We've Outgrown Our House

3.0 47 x
In the premiere episode of American Dream Builders, host Nate Berkus and judges Monica Pedersen and Eddie George review the makeover projects of 12 designers, one of whom is eliminated.