American Greed


Rumeal Robinson

3.0 34 x
A former champion basketball player’s schemes land him in prison and his mother kicked out of her home.

Making A Killing/ Doctor Drug Dealer

4.0 10 x
Making A Killing/ Doctor Drug Dealer of the TV-show American Greed was broadcasted by CNBC on Tuesday 14 March 2017 at 10:00AM.

Making A Killing/ Doctor Drug Dealer

3.0 23 x
Con man/motivational speaker Gary Shawkey needs cash for his wild scams and he’s not afraid to murder to get it.

Sticky Fingers/Life in the Fraud Lane

3.0 68 x
A famous Texas fruitcake bakery’s accountant cooks up a $16 million check writing scam.

Clean Teeth, Dirty Money/Comic Book Murder

4.0 22 x
A sex trafficking ring comprised of violent pimps who exploit women enlists a Chicago dentist to launder their money.
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