American Greed: The Fugitives

November 2013

88 & On the Run/Cover Your Assets

3.0 87 x
A financier and developer with a superb reputation ends up in bankruptcy court.

Hard-Rocking Fraudster/Refi’s In Ruin

3.0 150 x
A concert promoter runs when accused of running a $300 million investment fraud.

The Money Mules/Sweet Stink of Success

3.0 92 x
Mysterious hackers enlist students to help pull off a massive cyber-crime heist.
October 2013

Gone in the Gulf/ The Anti-Social Network

4.0 96 x
Accused of stealing $40 million from investors, Aubrey Lee Price disappears.

Signed, Sealed & Stolen/Miami Medi-$cam

3.0 32 x
Family members mortgage their homes to bail out a con artist accused of fraud.

From Russia With Lies

3.0 114 x
Victor and Natalia live like rock stars in Miami, allegedly funded by fraud.