Antiques Roadshow


Celebrity Edition, Hour 1

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Items from Jay Leno, S. Epatha Merkerson, Jason Reynolds, Nancy Kerrigan, & Dottie Pepper!

Vintage Louisville 2021, Hour 2

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Look back at Louisville treasures including an appraisal that has skyrocketed to $125K!

Women's Work

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Celebrate trailblazing women in a show spotlighting their outstanding work!

Vintage Orlando, Hour 1

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Short: See if Sunshine State appraisals still sparkle after 14 years, like one $165K-$200K

Vintage Tucson 2021, Hour 2

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Have blazing hot Tucson appraisals cooled down since 2006? Not for one $65K-$110K find!

Vintage Tucson 2021, Hour 1

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Revisit tremendous Tucson treasures from 15 years ago, including a $90K-$115K appraisal!

American Stories

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Celebrate the history of our country through personal accounts behind standout treasures.

Vintage Baltimore 2021, Hour 1

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Travel back to 2007 for updates on Maryland finds, like a $130K-$200k appraisal!
Episodes 2020

Fort Worth, Hour 1

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The new season premieres with a Rodin bronze that could be the year’s big find!

Junk In The Trunk #10

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Discover never-before-seen surprises from our Season 24 tour. One is worth up to $100K!