Antiques Roadshow

July 2020

Recut: Politically Collect, Part 2

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ROADSHOW elected to showcase fantastic finds related to American politics in this RECUT!

Women's Work

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Celebrate trailblazing women in a show spotlighting their outstanding work!

Vintage Philadelphia

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Flashback to Philadelphia finds from 2006 including one that has skyrocketed to $200K!
June 2020

Vintage Mobile

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Revisit Alabama appraisals 14 years after ROADSHOW’s visit to Mobile, plus a $70/90K find!

Vintage Honolulu

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Say Aloha to amazing appraisals revisited 14 years later including one that’s $250-300K!

Recut: Newport, Part 6

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Wrap up ROADSHOW’s Rosecliff visit in this half-hour RECUT episode. Plus, a $100K find!

Vintage Milwaukee 2020

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Discover which magnificent Milwaukee treasure has an updated value of $70K-$100K and more!
May 2020

Mcnay Art Museum, Hour 3

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Superb San Antonio appraisals abound at the McNay Art Museum, including an $80,000-$140,00

Mcnay Art Museum, Hour 2

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Everything is bigger in Texas, including appraisals like a $105k-$140k find!
April 2020

Mcnay Art Museum, Hour 1

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It’s a fiesta of fabulous finds as ROADSHOW visits McNay Art Museum. One is $60,000-$120,0