Are You The One?


Season 8, Episode 12 - All or Nothing

3.0 68 x
With six singles left and $750,000 on the line, the housemates must discover each other's love languages and figure out the final three couples before their last matchup ceremony.

Season 8, Episode 11 - On to the Next

3.0 61 x
With five strategically confirmed perfect matches and devastating news for one pair, the singles compete in a challenge to see which of the "stragglers" are perfectly aligned.

Season 8, Episode 10 - It All Comes Down to Jax

3.0 78 x
The singles compete in a challenge that tests their communication skills, Kari and Danny try to decode the matches, and the house creates a strategy for the matchup ceremony.

Season 8, Episode 9 - Games Players Play

4.0 106 x
Tensions flare during the house party, Paige begins to drop her guard, and the singles try to convince Kai that his flirtatious behavior is hurting others.

Season 8, Episode 8 - This Sucks and Blows

3.0 92 x
The singles match shocking headlines to their housemates, Jenna explores her feelings for Amber while getting to know Jasmine, and another couple steps into the Truth Booth.

Season 8, Episode 7 - Red Flag Alert

3.0 84 x
Remy steps in to bust up a toxic entanglement, Jonathan tries to make amends with Basit, and the house pins their hopes on Brandon and Aasha.

Season 8, Episode 6 - Hate to Burst Your Bubble

3.0 68 x
With the house determined to find a Perfect Match, Nour and Amber get serious about figuring out their compatibility, and Kai moves on from Jenna.

Season 8 - There Was a Fivesome?

3.0 95 x
Justin opens up to Max about his fear of getting too close too fast, an impromptu orgy shakes things up, and Jenna and Kai have a hard time exploring other options.

Season 8, Episode 4 - We Come to Slay

4.5 89 x
Jenna questions her future with Kai, Nour's jealousy shows, the singles meet Dionne Slay when they throw a queer prom, and Jonathan has an eye-opening experience.

Season 8, Episode 3 - This Is Trash

2.0 89 x
Justin tries to push Max outside his comfort zone, the singles compete for a romantic group getaway by playing dating trivia, and Basit struggles for acceptance.