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Ask This Old House


Beehive Oven, Jimmy Diresta | Ask Toh

3.0 1 x
Mark restores a beehive oven; Richard repairs a toilet; Tom works with maker Jimmy DiResta

Polybutylene, Squeaky Door | Ask Toh

4.0 0 x
Richard replaces piping; Ross discusses indoor air quality; Tom quiets a squeaky door.
Episodes 2019

Switch, Affordable Geothermal | Ask Toh

3.0 1 x
Heath installs a light switch, Ross explores affordable geothermal drilling techniques.

Women’S Repair Class, Garden | Ask Toh

4.0 0 x
Tom checks out a women’s DIY class; Jenn plants a terraced garden.

Built-In, Dining Room Light | Ask Toh

4.0 1 x
Tom repairs a built-in with hand tools; Heath Eastman installs a light in a dining room.

Ductless Humidifier, Planters | Ask Toh

3.0 4 x
Richard installs a humidifier; Ross discusses electric bills; Jenn installs a planter.

Paint Metal Railing, Wine Rack | Ask Toh

3.0 1 x
Mauro paints a metal railing; Richard discusses clogged sinks; Tom builds a wine rack.
Episodes 2017

S15 Ep26: Ask Toh | Hawaii Makes 50!

Expired 4.0 7 x
That makes 50! The guys complete the show’s run of every U.S. state. Tom learns how to create a unique keepsake box from island materials in Build It. Richard looks at a new way to store solar energy. Roger helps a family grow an organic garden.

S15 Ep25: Ask Toh | Rain Garden, Lighting

Expired 4.0 1 x
Protecting the environment – Watch Jenn plant a rain garden to keep runoff and waste out of marshlands. See Scott brighten up a dim bedroom with new overhead lighting. Tom gives tips on installing cabinet hardware accurately and consistently.

S15 Ep24: Ask Toh | Cedar Planter, 3D Scan

Expired 3.0 3 x
See Tom and Kevin use western red cedar to create a planter box in Build It. Watch home technology expert Ross Trethewey feature a tablet attachment that makes 3D scans of home interiors in Future House. Scott explains the need for surge protection.