Ask This Old House

October 2020

E4 | Landscapes Across America | Ask This Old House

3.0 1 x
Jenn explains how various climates across the U.S. impact the design of landscapes.

Sliding Barn Door, Dry Well | Ask Toh

3.0 1 x
Nathan installs a barn door; Tom compares roofing materials; Mark installs a dry well.

E2 | Preventing Plumbing Disasters | Ask This Old House

3.0 0 x
Richard and Ross explain why, when, where, and how to prevent major plumbing failures.

E1 | All Hands On Deck | Ask This Old House

3.0 0 x
Tom helps two homeowners build a two-level deck from start to finish.

Indoor Garden, Fireplace Hearth | Ask Toh

3.0 0 x
Indoor garden; Hole saws; Hearth replace; Frozen pipes
June 2020

Shower Cartridge, Turning A Bowl | Ask This Old House

4.0 2 x
Richard cleans a clogged shower cartridge; Tom and Kevin turn a bowl using a lathe

Cedar Shingles, Vegetable Garden | Ask This Old House

3.0 1 x
Tom discusses cedar shingles; Richard repairs a hose spigot; Jenn builds a garden
April 2020

Paver Patio, Shoe Rack | Ask This Old House

3.0 0 x
Mark builds a paver patio; Jenn talks outdoor kitchens; Tom and Kevin build a shoe rack.

Pedestal Sink, Grout Cleaning | Ask This Old House

4.0 0 x
Richard repairs a pedestal sink; Heath discusses bathroom fans; Tom cleans dirty grout.

Cherry Blossoms, Mount Rushmore | Ask Toh

3.0 1 x
The team travels to and appreciates different national parks and makes a few house calls.