April 2015

Rock Bottom

3.0 53 x
Backstrom faces a difficult decision that could change his family forever.


3.0 22 x
Backstrom comes home to find Dante Trippi, Valentine's abuser, murdered on his doorstep.

I Like to Watch

3.0 33 x
Backstrom and the S.C.U. are plunged into the zany, provocative world of a performance art festival when one of the participating artists is found dead.

Love is a Rose and You Better Not Pick It

3.0 10 x
When a young female sex surrogate is found dead in Portland's Rose Garden, the S.C.U. investigates what could be a crime of lust, rage, passion or possibly even love.

Inescapable Truth

3.0 18 x
A missing person's case turns into a homicide investigation.
March 2015

Give 'Til it Hurts

3.0 24 x
Backstrom and the S.C.U. investigate a hit-and-run that leaves a wealthy woman dead.

Enemy of My Enemies

3.0 49 x
Backstrom is reunited with his estranged father.
February 2015

Ancient Chinese, Secret

3.0 44 x
Backstrom investigates the murder of a Chinese fortune teller.


3.0 57 x
The S.C.U. is assigned their most harrowing case yet.

I Am a Bird Now

3.0 30 x
Backstrom investigates the murder of a prominent member of Portland's LGBT community.