Bering Sea Gold


Season 13, Episode 1 - Goldslingers

4.0 0 x
With new claims up for grabs, old faces return to Nome's wild west.
Episodes 2020

Season 12, Episode 22 - Winter Take All

3.0 20 x
As the miners rush to solid ground before the ice vanishes, Mr. Gold outlasts the fleet to secure TOMCOD. Kris assembles a makeshift operation. Emily rolls the dice on one last dive and Vernon hightails it to land on dangerous ice.

Season 12, Episode 21 - No More Mr. Ice Guys

3.0 4 x
Shawn pushes his equipment to the edge while others rise from the ashes.

Season 12, Episode 20 - Up in Flames

3.0 3 x
As an arctic blizzard wreaks havoc across Nome, Kris finds gold under the ice but fire erupts overhead. Shawn struggles to rescue his operation. Emily risks it all on a double dive and Vernon leans on a diver making her comeback.

Season 12, Episode 19 - Freezer Burn

3.0 5 x
When the temperature plummets to a season low, Shawn fights frozen ground with steam heat. Kris' hot plan to beat the cold fizzles quickly. Vernon gambles on a new spot.

Season 12, Episode 18 - Cold Man and the Sea

3.0 6 x
The clock ticks as Shawn races to prove the viability of the TOMCOD. Kris makes amends with his crew and Brad dives for the first time in five years, saving the day with a surprise. Back on Claim 14, Emily tries to break her ice season curse.

Season 12, Episode 17 - Total Meltdown

3.0 2 x
Suffering the icy burn of possible defeat, Kris wrecks his 3-diver relay plan and abandons his crew. Shawn is forced to question TOMCOD. Emily returns home to Claim 14. Vernon gambles on the edge of the ice.

Season 12, Episode 16 - Pain in the Ice

4.0 4 x
Following the arctic storm that drove everyone to shore, Shawn embarks on a marathon dive, Kris unveils a diving relay with The Reaper's new diver Shaunna and Emily takes another desperate shot at TOMCOD gold.

Season 12, Episode 15 - Snow Blind

4.0 4 x
A violent arctic storm approaches and Shawn can't quit the gold.

Season 12, Episode 14 - Frozen Chokehold

3.0 1 x
Only days into the winter mining season, a regulator freeze up cuts off Shawn's air supply. Emily negotiates with Mr. Gold for season-saving coordinates. Vernon returns to the ice with an eye to buy Claim 16. The Kellys get on some gold.