Big Time in Hollywood, FL

May 2015

Chasing Their Dreams

3.0 44 x
Ben finds the silver lining in all of the terrible events that have unfolded.

Holgado's Revenge

3.0 30 x
Jack finds himself on the business end of Holgado's shotgun.

Two Opposable Thumbs

3.0 20 x
Jack, Ben and Del part ways with Cuba Gooding Jr.

Rico vs. RICO

3.0 28 x
As they prepare to flee Holgado's wrath, Cuba finally levels with Jack and Ben about the real reason why he agreed to star in their movie.

Rico the Snitch

3.0 33 x
Jack and Ben race to Rico's trailer to check him for a wire and come to a horrifying conclusion.

Show Me the Money

3.0 43 x
Jack and Ben inadvertently tip off Special Agent Malloy with their impromptu celebration.

Van Confessions

3.0 18 x
The Dolfe brothers apologize and reconcile under very high-stress circumstances.
April 2015

A Complicated Case

3.0 64 x
Zdorkin and Malloy try to figure out how the Dolfes, Harvey Scoles and Holgado's cartel are linked.

Dolfe Brother Studios

3.0 43 x
Jack introduces his new production team to potential investors.

Alan Gets Tough

3.0 29 x
Alan struggles to record an intimidating message on Harvey Scoles's voicemail.