Big Time Rush



3.0 129 x
False of the TV-show Big Time Rush was broadcast by Nick on Wednesday 27 May 2015 at 6:00AM.

Big Time Secret

3.0 108 x
James has a big secret that breaks the best friend code. He has to right his wrong in order to make everything better with Carlos. But Kendall has a secret too and Logan is determined to get to the bottom of it!


4.0 90 x
False of the TV-show Big Time Rush was broadcast by Nick on Wednesday 6 May 2015 at 6:00AM.

Big Time Contest: Win A Date!

3.0 158 x
Weirdness awaits when the guys agree to participate in a date contest.

Big Time Strike

1.5 75 x
BTR goes on strike! They want breaks, NO shock treatments, and ice cream bars?...BTR has to find a way to compromise with Gustavo so they can finish their second album in time!

Big Time Moms

3.0 206 x
It's Mother's Day, and a bouquet of flowers won't make James' mom happy! When she visits the BTR gang in LA, she won't return home without James by her side. Can the gang stop her?

Big Time Reality

3.0 124 x
Reality bites back when BTR are forced to take part in a new television show.

Big Time Song Writers

3.0 119 x
The guys are determined to write a new song, even though they might kill each other.

Big Time Live

2.0 80 x
Carlos, Logan, Kendall and James work a morning news show into their latest video.
Episodes 2014

Big Time Girlfriends

3.5 163 x
The BTR boys are best friends, but they are almost torn apart by girl trouble!