Big Tips Texas


Ep. 13 & 14

3.0 156 x
Morgan competes in her first barrel racing competition, and the veteran girls try to talk to Amber about her wild ways.

Ep. 12, Ep. 12

3.0 144 x
The fighting isn't over between Morgan and Kristyn, and Amber meets a new guy at work.

Ep. 11, Ep. 11

3.0 160 x
Morgan and Kristyn's friendship is threatened when their boyfriends can't get along.

Ep. 10, Ep. 10

3.0 126 x
Morgan and Chance's relationship is in jeopardy, and Kristyn receives great news about her fashion line.

Ep. 9, Ep. 9

3.0 181 x
The girls deal with the repercussions of their actions after the big fight at Typhani's pool party, while Jillian has a life threatening health scare.

Ep. 8, Ep. 8

3.0 370 x
Sabrina worries about saving up enough money for college, and tensions rise when the Redneck Heaven girls continue to have problems with Mimi.

Ep. 7

2.5 209 x
The Redneck Heaven girls go on a camping trip, and Morgan has a bad dinner with Chance's family.

Ep. 6 Redneck Etiquette

3.0 97 x
Mimi becomes an honorary veteran, and the Redneck Heaven girls get in a fight at the fanciest restaurant in town.

Ep. 5, Ep. 5

3.0 88 x
The girls try to figure out who started a rumor about Mimi, and they prepare for Redneck Heaven's biggest night of the year.

Ep. 3 & 4

3.0 199 x
Typhani flips out on Kristyn when she disrespects her at a company event, and claws come out when the girls welcome new girl Mimi to the family.