Devil Never Even Lived

4.0 4 x
Jane and Roman enter a risky weapons deal with a biker gang, in the hopes of ambushing Sandstorm and capturing Shepherd - but can Roman stick to the plan? Meanwhile, Patterson and Reade deal with personal demons.

Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord

4.0 3 x
When the team learns that the CIA deputy director who tortured Jane has made a risky deal with a terrorist leader, they must collaborate with him to prevent a national security threat; a criminal profiler studies Roman.

Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg in Iron

4.0 4 x
The team must rescue Patterson from her new, deadly nemesis, but can they get to her in time? Meanwhile, Jane struggles to win back Roman's trust after erasing his memory, and Reade and Zapata reach uncharted waters in their friendship.

Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform

4.0 7 x
As Sandstorm begins to execute Phase Two of its plan, Weller and team race against time to raid the organization's compound and prevent a national disaster; meanwhile, Jane struggles to maintain her cover with Roman and Shepherd.

We Fight Deaths on Thick Lone Waters

3.0 14 x
When an undercover heist operation gone wrong lands Jane and Weller in grave danger, Nas and team must untangle the stories of unreliable witnesses to find the truth; Zapata urges Reade to let her dispose of evidence in Coach Jones' murder.
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