It's the Refried Beans Bomb!

3.0 18 x
It's all in the family as a pair of cousins and three competitive siblings take part in the Season Finale.

It's the Guacamole Bomb!

3.0 15 x
A family of beatboxers and two brothers test their knowledge.

It's the Sweet Potato Bomb!

3.0 30 x
You say potato. We say potahto. Let's call the whole bomb off!

It's the Turkey Gravy Bomb!

3.0 19 x
The turkey gravy bomb awaits a group of kickball teammates and a family from New York!

It's the Hot Fudge Bomb!

3.0 34 x
A trio of youth mentors and a family test their knowledge.

It's the Blueberry Slushie Bomb!

3.0 24 x
Can a married police officer couple or a few party girls from Long Beach, CA escape the impending blueberry explosion?

It's the Creamed Spinach Bomb!

3.0 15 x
When these teams answer a question incorrectly, they find themselves trying to put a positive spin-ach on getting creamed.

It's the Wedding Cake Bomb!

3.0 29 x
Will this week's questions be a wedding cake-walk, or should these teams vow now to take a face full of frosting?

It's the Macaroni & Cheese Bomb!

3.0 14 x
Watch as teams either win big money or get showered with macaroni and cheese!

It's the Maple Syrup Bomb!

3.0 49 x
New quiz show BOOM!, hosted by comedian Tom Papa, combines high drama and high stakes with high comedy in a fun-filled, trivia-charged, slime-soaked entertainment blast.