Building Off The Grid On Discovery

October 2020

Season 10, Episode 4 - Arkansas Mountain Treehouse

4.0 3 x
A musician and college student wants an off-the-grid treehouse compound with three structures, each serving living and sustainability, in the Arkansas woods. Water and supply issues will make finishing it in 30 days hard, even with his father's help.

Season 10, Episode 3 - Tennessee Dome Home

4.0 2 x
A couple looks to build an eco-friendly, off-the-grid geodesic dome, cooled using geothermal caves, with a view of Tennessee's South Cumberland Mountain Range. But they're up against uncertain weather, intricate design and treacherous mountain paths.
March 2020

Season 9, Episode 11 - Hawaii Dome House

4.0 86 x
A mother-and-son team pulls up stakes from the crowded confines of Orange County to build an off-grid family commune outside Keaau, Hawaii. With the help of a skilled aircrete instructor, the duo overcomes a learning curve to make a dream come true.

Season 9, Episode 10 - Montana Mountain Modern

3.0 32 x
A father-son duo builds an off-grid home in Montana's Flathead Valley. The 720-square-foot stick-frame home takes advantage of the mountain winds using a wind-turbine generator for power and features upcycled materials from the surrounding area.

Season 9, Episode 9 - Flathead Lake Pontoon

4.0 90 x
A Montana carpenter has big plans to build a unique pontoon houseboat so he can live on Flathead Lake year-round. As both a builder and artist, he has the skills to turn his vision into a reality but an early winter threatens the whole project.

Season 9, Episode 8 - Hudson Valley Retreat

3.0 23 x
Peter and Ashley Jensen build a sustainable straw bale panel house in the Hudson Valley -- the first of its kind in the States. With only three months to work, the race against nature is as they attempt to finish before the East Coast winter sets in.
February 2020

Season 9, Episode 7 - California Cob House

3.0 38 x
A group of off-grid-living enthusiasts come together to build a 300-square-foot bungalow. With a variety of eco-friendly features, including a solar-powered water pump, this house is a welcome addition to the environmentally friendly community.

Season 9, Episode 6 - Ozark Mountain Lodge

4.0 11 x
An adventurous couple builds a home with self-sustaining features near the Ozark National Forest. And while they both have renovation experience, building on the dangerous mountainside terrain in a location plagued by flash foods will be a challenge.

Season 9, Episode 5 - Carolina Catamaran

4.0 8 x
Two pro builders construct an upcycled off-grid homestead deep in the sprawling South Carolina islands. Plans for the catamaran-style home include a luxury yacht aesthetic, but the couple must build during hurricane season to meet their deadline.

Season 9, Episode 4 - Vermont Stone House

4.7 95 x
Novice builder Danny Clark attempts to construct a 600-square-foot stone cabin in Vermont's White River Valley. The home is sure to be a true work of art but his inexperience, the harsh winter and the unusual architecture push him to his limits.