July 2015

Zip Timeline

3.0 20 x
In the Season Finale, eight more brave contestants throw caution to the wind by trying the Center Spin, Truck-to-Truck, and Zip Timeline challenges.

Super Soaker

3.0 23 x
The latest weekend warriors swing to win big in the Crane Swing, Go Kart Smash and Super Soaker challenges.


3.0 24 x
Eight new contestants participate in the Bullseye Car Roll, Semi Spin and Corkscrewed challenges.
June 2015

Defying Gravity

3.0 18 x
Host Kellan Lutz and co-host Godfrey welcome eight new contestants to the Drift Car, Defying Gravity, and Puppetmaster challenges.

Jet Ski Jamboree

3.0 20 x
Four men and four women test their bodies and brains as they're dragged by a helicopter, speed down a hill in a giant zorb, and race on jet skis in the hopes of winning $50,000!

Bumper Cars

3.0 21 x
Which contestant has the drive to come out on top and go home with $50,000?

Runaway Train

3.0 55 x
Eight more contestants push their bodies and minds to the extreme.
May 2015

Buggy Jump

3.0 48 x
Host Kellan Lutz and co-host Godfrey welcome eight contestants as they participate in three levels of extraordinary challenges.