Casual Vacancy

May 2015

Episode 3: The Casual Vacancy Part 3

3.0 46 x
After a close election, the Sweetlove House matter is swiftly decided, and Miles gets a shock. During Howard's birthday party, Samantha and Shirley have a confrontation about their family, and Arf catches two couples in compromising positions. Finally, after Terri gives in to temptation, a desperate Krystal seeks refuge, p...
April 2015

Episode 1: The Casual Vacancy Part 1

3.0 33 x
As the Pagford Parish Council prepares for a vote on the fate of Sweetlove House--a town institution and community center--Chairman Howard Mollison and his wife, who want to turn it into a tourist-destination, look to neutralize the threat of council member Barry. When Barry dies, the race to fill his seat, and determine t...

Episode 2: The Casual Vacancy Part 2

3.0 169 x
As Pagford mourns on the day of Barry's funeral, candidates for his council seat are shocked to find their darkest secrets revealed online. Krystal recalls a fond memory with Barry and is pursued by a rebellious classmate. New student Gaia takes an interest in Andrew. Meanwhile, Barry's widow Mary crashes a dinner to discu...