Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon


Thrills and Chills

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Get ready to chill with Nick Cannon as he shares some of the most thrilling videos out there, from crushing experiments to epic stunts and heartwarming reunions.

Rough Commute

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Get ready for the ride of your life as Nick Cannon showcases crazy videos of what can happen when you're bumper to bumper, going off the rails and riding in the crash lane.


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Prepare yourself for the unexpected as Nick Cannon showcases viral videos so crazy you have to see them to believe them.

Cutie and the Beast

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Can you handle this cuteness? Brace yourselves because Nick Cannon is showcasing some viral videos with extreme adorableness.

Real or Fake?

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Are they the real deal or just big fakers? Nick Cannon shares the inside scoop on some of the craziest viral videos out there!

Game On!

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Get ready for maximum fun as Nick Cannon showcases the craziest videos of extreme sports and high-impact entertainment.

Humans Are Awesome

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People do the craziest things - and Nick Cannon has the video to prove it with this showcase of their most amazing moments.

The Kids Edition

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Don't tell mom! Nick Cannon is causing the best kind of trouble with viral videos of kids nailing it, failing it and telling it like it is in Caught on Camera's Kids Edition.

Rescues and Close Calls

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Out of control, under the gun and in too deep - Host Nick Cannon shares the videos of heroes who saved the day and the people who survived close calls and lived to tell the tale.

Wild Weather

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Nick Cannon is coming at you with fire and ice, twisters and floods - and some of the wildest weather videos ever seen, along with the people who were there to experience them.