Chicago P.D.

November 2017

Care Under Fire

3.0 6 x
When a series of child kidnappings is linked to a former Army Ranger, Halstead convinces Voight to send him undercover, but as the case gets more personal, Upton grows concerned about Halstead's state of mind.


4.0 4 x
The only eyewitness in a timely case against a suspected serial rapist is found murdered.

A Shot Heard Round the World

3.0 4 x
A highly trained killer wages war against the Chicago Police Department.

A War Zone

3.0 3 x
After the body of a college student and a backpack filled with deadly fentanyl wash up in the lake, intelligence is under pressure to uncover the source of the deadly drug operation.

All Cylinders Firing

4.0 4 x
Platt and her Father become the targets of a brutal assailant.

Big Friends Big Enemies

3.0 5 x
A shooting outside of a concert leads to a tangled web of gang related violence.

Made a Wrong Turn

4.0 3 x
Intelligence searches for a missing woman who disappeared from the most dangerous neighborhood in District 21.

She's Got Us

3.0 4 x
The team looks into a pyramid scheme operation that may be linked to a brutal murder.

Some Friend

4.0 2 x
A teenage girl is found dead inside the home of a famous baseball player and friend of Olinsky.

Start Digging

3.0 5 x
A case turns personal for intelligence when Voight's son is connected to a murder investigation.