Chicago P.D.

March 2019

Care Under Fire

2.5 6 x
Halstead goes undercover to stop an ex-military kidnapping crew from killing an innocent child.


4.0 5 x
Upton must work with a vice cop she dislikes to help intelligence crack a drug related murder.


4.0 5 x
A smuggling ring preys on foreign adoptees.


4.0 3 x
An investigation into the murder of an illegal immigrant is plagued with roadblocks as Intelligence contends with the perception of the police among the city's immigrant population.


4.0 3 x
A series of murders hits close to home for Atwater.
February 2019

The Forgotten

3.0 23 x
Voight and the Intelligence Unit focus all their effort and resources into investigating the disappearance of an exotic dancer who served as a long-time criminal informant for their team.

Good Men

4.5 24 x
In the conclusion of a crossover with Chicago Fire, Cruz's undercover work reveals a lead in a case tracking multiple robberies, but the situation escalates quickly, causing friction between Voight's Intelligence Unit and the Chicago Fire Department.

Ties That Bind

4.0 11 x
Upton and Burgess find themselves in a difficult situation when Intelligence tracks a cache of "cop killer" machine guns to a local gun show in Wisconsin.

Emotional Proximity

Expired 4.0 4 x
After a deadly warehouse fire that left Olinsky's daughter fighting for her life, Intelligence mobilizes to find the arsonist.

Grasping for Salvation

Expired 3.0 3 x
A recovered murder weapon challenges the conviction of a 17-year-old murder case.