Chrisley Knows Best

December 2018

Pool's Out For Summer

3.0 8 x
Todd finds himself in a pickle when he gifts Chase the house that is already promised to Savannah.

The Big 50

3.0 3 x
Todd ponders the first half of his life as his 50th birthday approaches and decides to make amends.

Diplomatic Immunity

4.0 5 x
Due to a work commitment, Julie must miss Chloe's Pre-K graduation and Todd takes over her duties.

Towing the Line

4.0 4 x
Chase takes advantage of his dad's car when Savannah signs them up to babysit over Father's Day.

Lord of the Earrings

4.0 1 x
Nanny Faye enlists Chase's help with the hopes of winning a neighborhood porch competition.

The Perfect Equation

3.0 1 x
When Savannah brings home her new boyfriend Todd takes the opportunity to test his intentions.
November 2018

Restaurant Impossible

4.0 2 x
Julie finds that her vision of opening up her own restaurant clashes with Todd's vision.

Spoiled Sports

3.0 3 x
Todd gets roped into a boys trip to Universal Orlando for Grayson's birthday.
August 2018

White Nannies Can't Jump

3.0 4 x
Todd and Julie's podcasting career almost ends before it starts when Todd goes overboard with preparation. Meanwhile, Nanny Faye joins a senior basketball league.

Emotionally In-Vested

3.0 7 x
When Nanny frets about leaving Miley behind to go out of town Chase comes up with an idea to help out. Todd lands himself in trouble on a date with Julie.