Chrisley Knows Best

December 2017

A Play in a Manger

3.0 16 x
Todd & Julie direct the community nativity play while also trying to teach Chloe and Grayson the true meaning of Christmas.

The Nightmare Before Chrisley

4.0 6 x
Overwhelmed with all the guests visiting for the weekend, Todd has difficulty getting into the Christmas spirit.

Ready To Launch

3.0 14 x
The Chrisleys head to Tampa for Savannah's fashion line launch at HSN. Todd and Julie help Savannah overcome her on air jitters, and Nanny gets Chase in trouble at a casino.

Bringing Up Baby

3.0 6 x
Chase and Savannah get more than they bargain for when they give Todd and Julie the weekend off parental duties. With their free time, Todd and Julie rekindle their romance.

Pitch Perfection

3.0 10 x
Todd is determined to win when the Rawlings come to town to compete in local family fun day. And Chase and Savannah help Grayson prepare a pitch for his new YouTube Channel.
November 2017

Baking Bad

4.0 16 x
Julie and Faye battle over who will host the Chrisley family Thanksgiving dinner. Meanwhile, Todd struggles to find a cure for his insomnia.

Granny’s Gone Wild

3.0 9 x
When Todd upsets Faye she threatens to move back to Atlanta. Meanwhile, Julie struggles to get Grayson ready to start his new school.

Truckin' Good Time

4.0 13 x
Julie bites off more than she can chew when she agrees to make desserts for a food truck event. Meanwhile, Grayson gets a lesson from Todd about what it means to be truly sorry.

Quit Your Pitchin'

3.0 14 x
Todd attempts to train Savannah for a charity softball game despite not knowing how to play himself. And when Todd neglects to help Grayson train his new puppy he gets on Julie's bad side.

Tantrums and Tiaras

4.0 10 x
Grayson's dream to visit Universal Orlando's Volcano Bay is in jeopardy when his parents' work gets in the way.