Chrisley Knows Best

August 2018

White Nannies Can't Jump

3.0 4 x
Todd and Julie's podcasting career almost ends before it starts when Todd goes overboard with preparation. Meanwhile, Nanny Faye joins a senior basketball league.

Emotionally In-Vested

3.0 6 x
When Nanny frets about leaving Miley behind to go out of town Chase comes up with an idea to help out. Todd lands himself in trouble on a date with Julie.

Say It, Don't Spray It

3.0 1 x
Todd clashes with Chase when he finds out Chase got back together with his ex-girlfriend. And Savannah tests out her spray tanning skills on Nanny Faye.

America's Next Todd Model

3.0 4 x
Faye takes the law in to her own hands when the neighborhood kids annoy her. And Todd gets a second shot at becoming a male model.

Going for Broker

4.0 5 x
After Todd signs a development deal, he fuels a competition between Julie, Chase and Savannah to be the listing agent. Meanwhile, Grayson decides to help Todd get over his fear of snakes.
July 2018

Ride or Die

3.0 5 x
When Julie’s stress reaches a breaking point, Todd comes up with a plan to alleviate it. Chase helps Nanny learn to ride a bike.

Running Gout of Time

4.0 4 x
Julie questions her decision to let Chase help her and Allison train for a 5K. And when Todd is diagnosed with gout, he struggles to understand why his family has no sympathy.

Baking Up is Hard to Do

3.0 3 x
Todd attempts to be supportive when Julie prepares desserts for a restaurant Grand Opening. Meanwhile, Chase tries to get back in Savannah's good graces as she deals with insecurities.

No Men For Old Country

4.0 4 x
Todd’s manhood gets called into question during a vacation with family and friends. Meanwhile, Chase has to make amends with Chloe after they get into a fight.
June 2018

Panic at the Pageant

3.0 3 x
Todd takes on too much as the family heads to Florida to run their first Miss Florida USA pageant. And when Faye makes a rash purchase, Todd insists on calling her out.