August 2015


Expired 3.0 45 x
The gang relives their adolescence at their high school reunion. Meanwhile, Joy is stuck at the barbershop keeping Lonnie company while he waits for his date.

Free Wednesday

Expired 3.0 59 x
The gang remembers an embarrassing story of Ben after a high school teacher comes by the barbershop for a haircut. Joy waits for a sign about her marriage.

The Gambler

Expired 3.0 42 x
When the guys learn that Buzzy is gambling with the money he'd set aside for his mother's medication, A.J. and Mo decide to lose a poker game to him on purpose, but it isn't as easy to convince Ben to do the right thing. Danni, Charmaine, and Joy make up the Doyle Sisters for a wedding and discuss what makes for a strong m...
July 2015

Mo's Ma

Expired 3.0 47 x
As Mo tries to come to terms with his parents divorce, the gang has additional insight as to why they might be splitting. A.J. accuses Danni of being jealous when she finds out he has a date.

World's Rudest Barbershop

Expired 3.0 61 x
After a video of Charmaine insulting customers goes viral, Ben fires her. But when the video starts drumming up business, Ben has to get her back. Mo feels guilty after A.J. breaks his pitching arm.

Big Gay Wedding

Expired 3.0 46 x
Big Gay Wedding of the TV-show Clipped was broadcast by TBS on Wednesday 15 July 2015 at 12:00AM.


Expired 3.0 135 x
The girls are upset that Ben won't pay for the barbershop to have WiFi, so they go to great lengths to get the WiFi password from the tattoo parlor next door. Mo spills the beans to the gang that Ben is being peed on in the shower at the gym by somebody he considers a friend, and A.J. decides to do something about it.

Go Below

Expired 3.0 82 x
Ben is embarrassed after a one-night stand with Rita Doyle, considering her to be a "go- below." He's offended to find out that Rita is the one who thinks he is below her stature. Meanwhile, Danni is suspicious that a Spanish class that A.J. and Charmain
June 2015


Expired 3.0 212 x
Danni advises A.J. to give up on his dream of being a ball player, while A.J. inspires Danni to pursue her passion as a singer. Meanwhile, Joy's involvement in an AIDS Walk brings up the issue of charity, and just how cheap Ben can be.


Expired 3.0 34 x
When barber/aspiring professional baseball player A.J. Salerno (Mike Castle) gets a phone call from a sports agent wanting to meet with him, he tells his co-worker Danni (Ashley Tisdale) that this is the big break he's been waiting for.