CNBC Originals


Oceans of Crime

3.0 2 x
Go inside a fascinating and disturbing crime story, set in one of the most lawless places on earth: our oceans, where perpetrators traffic in an illegal product and front-line workers are modern-day slaves.

The Profit in Marijuana Country

3.0 6 x
The Profit’s Marcus Lemonis goes to California for a rare and revealing look at the place many consider the marijuana capital of America.
Episodes 2017

The Profit in Puerto Rico: An American Crisis

4.0 12 x
The Profit’s Marcus Lemonis takes viewers on a fascinating and sometimes disturbing journey through Puerto Rico as it struggles to recover from Hurricane Maria.

The Profit: Marijuana Millions

4.0 15 x
Marcus Lemonis travels to California at a game-changing moment in the evolving acceptance and commercialization of pot in America.

A Billionaire's Bet: The Best & Brightest

3.0 39 x
CNBC follows an extraordinary group of young super-achievers as they gather in Beijing to take part in a program for future world leaders.
Episodes 2016

The Profit in Cuba

4.0 22 x
The Profit’s Marcus Lemonis travels to Cuba at a time of historic change, and profiles a new breed of business owners determined to succeed under one of the most oppressive regimes in the world.

Ground Zero Rising: Freedom vs. Fear

3.0 111 x
As the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, CNBC's Jim Cramer takes an in-depth look at the redevelopment of the 16-acre site.
Episodes 2015

Gunfight: Remington Under Fire

3.0 37 x
CNBC continues its investigation into allegations of a deadly defect and corporate cover-up by an iconic American company.

Pitbull: Fame and Fortune

3.0 28 x
Armando Christian Perez, a.k.a. "Pitbull," is a businessman, a musician, a marketing machine, and a worldwide sensation.

The New High: Extreme Sports

3.0 45 x
CNBC explores the soaring popularity of extreme sports—no longer the domain of elite athletes.