4.0 13 x
Will and Katie struggle to keep their family together in a changing city. Broussard returns home. Snyder gets an intriguing job offer from a mysterious organization.


3.0 13 x
A Resistance operation traps Will, Katie, and Proxy Snyder in the Yonk and tests their allegiances.


3.0 9 x
Will's hunt for the Resistance brings him even closer to discovering his wife's secret. Katie feels cut off from her family and her cell. Maddie finds herself entangled in Green Zone intrigue.

In From The Cold

3.0 11 x
A high-ranking Resistance member comes to the occupation, ready to cut a deal. Katie is given a second chance. Bram proposes a risky journey outside the colony walls.

Zero Day

3.0 15 x
ill plans to get his family out from under the occupation. Katie and Broussard prepare for a high-stakes operation. Snyder fights to protect his office. Maddie makes a bold political move.
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