Comedy Underground with Dave Attell

May 2014

Uncensored - Jesse Joyce - Babies Are Super Easy to Kill

3.0 97 x
Chia Pets are harder to kill than babies.

Uncensored - A D**k Joke From Ron Jeremy

3.0 62 x
Uncensored - A D**k Joke From Ron Jeremy of the TV-show Comedy Underground with Dave Attell was broadcast by Comedy Central on Saturday 31 May 2014 at 12:27AM.

Uncensored - Al Jackson - Long-Term Relationships

3.0 65 x
Al Jackson reveals what love sounds like.

Uncensored - Jesse Joyce - Canadian Cigarettes

3.0 86 x
The only way Jesse Joyce will quit smoking is if he's shown terrifying pictures.

Uncensored - Tom Rhodes - Presidential D**k Pics

3.0 62 x
Tom Rhodes's dirty talk is a bit confusing.

Uncensored - Ali Wong - Need to Get Pregnant Right Now

3.0 246 x
There's a reason why Ali Wong hates 21-year-old girls.

Uncensored - Dave Attell - Slamming These Jokes

3.0 34 x
Dave Attell knows how to make a crowd feel right at home.

Uncensored - Jimmy Shubert - Therapy Cat

3.0 89 x
Jimmy Shubert loves animals so much that he doesn't own one.

Uncensored - Junior Stopka - Craigslist Murder

3.0 244 x
Junior Stopka learns how difficult it can be to buy a coffee table on Cragslist.

Uncensored - Usual Suspects 2

3.0 49 x
Nobody needs a knit hat in the Comedy Underground.