Comics to Watch

December 2015

Charles Gould - Living with Women

3.0 68 x
After living with women, Charles Gould has developed a deep understanding of the opposite sex.

Ramon Rivas II - Mean Niece

3.0 53 x
Ramon Rivas has a fraught relationship with his niece.

Jacqueline Novak - The Problem with Pizza

3.0 53 x
Jacqueline Novak talks about why she prefers to eat pizza alone.

Jacob Williams - Awkward Dating

3.0 33 x
Jacob Williams talks about the discomfort that comes with the early stages of dating.

Adam Lustick - Meeting Justin Bieber

3.0 32 x
Adam Lustick describes a chance encounter with Justin Bieber.

Uncensored - Kenny DeForest - The Plight of the Straight White Male

3.0 53 x
Kenny DeForest is taken aback by all the bad PR that straight white guys have been getting.
November 2015

Uncensored - Sam Jay - Embracing Stereotypes

3.0 61 x
Sam Jay explains how people can use stereotypes to their advantage.

Billy Prinsell - Being as 'Crombie as Possible

3.0 59 x
Bill Prinsell describes the surreal experience of working at Abercrombie & Fitch.

Uncensored - David Gborie - Deserving Love

3.0 65 x
David Gborie proves that anyone can find love and describes the positive part of being overweight.

Randy Syphax - Flirting Like LeBron James

3.0 55 x
Randy Syphax explains the unusual reason why he relates to LeBron James.