Crash Test with Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer

January 2016

Ian Karmel -– Looking for a Job

3.0 32 x
Ian karmel explains why he's having trouble finding work and then dances with a pedestrian.

Earl Sweatshirt - "Burgundy"

3.0 44 x
Earl Sweatshirt and his group perform the song "Burgundy."

Natasha Leggero - Having a Baby & Dying Alone

3.0 40 x
Natasha Leggero does a set from the L.A. sidewalk while walking her dog.

Reno 911! - Pulled Over by the Police

3.0 41 x
A couple of cops from Reno pull the bus over and jump inside.

Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer - Protect Your Extremities

3.0 46 x
Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel warn their captive audience to set their celebrity expectations low.