Crime Inc.

August 2013

A Deadly High

3.0 41 x
More people are using legal synthetic drugs...often with tragic consequences.

Art for the Taking

3.0 26 x
From home invasions to forgeries and museum heists, art crimes rake in billions.

Grand Theft Auto

3.0 143 x
CNBC explores alarming new trends in global auto theft and much more.

Hollywood Robbery

3.0 75 x
Media piracy may seem harmless but is a multibillion-dollar criminal enterprise.

Medical Insurance Fraud

3.0 49 x
Insurance fraud can put your money, your health, and even your life, at risk.

Secrets for Sale

3.0 32 x
Corporate espionage can wreak havoc from the top…to the very bottom.

The War on Counterfeit Goods

3.0 79 x
From high-priced wine to Viagra, see how counterfeiters keep their goods moving.