June 2014

This Wasn't Supposed to Happen

3.0 64 x
Finley makes a heroic move; Gibson's plan takes a surprising turn.

World's Best Dad

3.0 127 x
Series finale! Gibson finds himself on a mission orchestrated by Beth Ann's kidnapper.

Best Laid Plans

3.0 77 x
With Finley in his grasp, a desperate Gibson tasks the most powerful parent of all with his next mission. Melinda McGraw and John Allen Nelson guest star.


3.0 51 x
The FBI finally locates the mansion… could it all be part of Gibson's master plan?
May 2014

You Do Not Know War

3.0 60 x
Gibson tasks a parent with a mission that could lead to war with China. John Allen Nelson guest stars.

How Far Would You Go

3.0 56 x
Dunn stages a daring rescue mission to save Meg.
April 2014


3.0 147 x
Dunn and Finley cut a deal with Gibson for the return of one of the kids, while Widener progresses with his plan to take out Gibson. Mark Valley and Fred Dryer guest star.

Here He Comes

3.0 68 x
While trying to lure the kidnappers out of hiding, Finley comes face to face with Koz. Fred Dryer and Mark Valley guest star.

Designated Allies

3.0 40 x
While Dunn and Finley go off the grid, Gibson uses his wife to gain intel on the CIA's Operation Lenox. Mark Valley guest stars.

We Were Supposed to Help Each Other

3.0 40 x
While Meg deals with consequences, three parents are tasked with stealing from the CIA.