August 2018


3.0 0 x
The murder of a brother and sister and a pair of home invaders is part of a complex revenge plot, and a man is burned alive in the trunk of his own car.

Code Blue Plate Special

4.0 2 x
CSI investigates a massacre at a local diner, and the team suspects that one of the victims' stalkers is the shooter.

Dead Air

3.0 1 x
The team must figure out who killed a television news anchor on the set during a blackout.

Dead of the Class

4.0 1 x
Assistant medical examiner David Phillips discovers the dead body of the most popular girl in his class at their 15-year class reunion.

Double Fault

4.0 1 x
CSI handles a case involving a rising tennis star who is killed after a big tour victory.


3.0 1 x
While investigating the death of a Cuban singer's sister, CSI discovers that the case may be tied to a feud between two Cuban families.

Fallen Angels

3.0 1 x
A reverend is found dead on former CSI detective Warrick Brown's grave, and the team discovers several connections between the case and Brown and his family.


3.0 0 x
A pharmaceutical employee is found dead in a hot tub during a corporate retreat, and Hodges discovers an uncomfortable secret about his fiancée.

Forget Me Not

3.0 0 x
The evidence suggests that Sara is guilty of stabbing a man to death in a hotel room, but she insists that somebody is framing her.

Ghosts of the Past

3.0 0 x
A ghost hunter is killed while investigating a notoriously grisly murder site of several young boys.