Dan Soder: Not Special

June 2016

Dan Soder - A Week with Grandma

3.0 26 x
Dan Soder's grandmother talks about death in an unsettlingly casual way.

Dan Soder - Crushes

3.0 58 x
Crushes never end well, according to Dan Soder.

Dan Soder - Deep-Voiced Kid

3.0 125 x
Dan Soder isn't happy with the fact that his voice hasn't changed since he was a kid.

Dan Soder - Quitting Cigarettes

3.0 105 x
Dan Soder explains why he quit smoking (even though he still thinks it looks very cool).

Dan Soder - Traveling with Weed

3.0 27 x
Dan Soder reveals what he thinks of people who believe marijuana is a drug.