Dark Rye

July 2014

Brooklyn Brew Kids

3.0 41 x
Erica and Stephen of the Brooklyn Brew Shop are reviving the oldest beverage in history, one gallon at a time. It’s kitchen-based, friendly stovetop beer making that gives New Yorkers a new definition of what it means to enjoy a cold one, from curried stout to rhubarb root ale. Starting from the simplest of pasta pots, the...

Balcones Distillery

3.0 58 x
What happens when a handful of Texas homebrewers decide to not only craft their own spirits, but also to make their own copper and fermented gold wash stills, heat exchangers and hot liquor tanks? Chip Tate and the men of Balcones Distillery distill daily with their hammered, patinaed equipment, crafted from the ground up....
May 2014

The Curious Adventures of Kirk Lombard: Episode 1

3.0 56 x
Meet sea forager and haiku improv master Kirk Lombard, our guide to the amazing world of food right outside our doors. In his premiere “Curious Adventure,” Kirk fishes off San Francisco’s Pacifica Pier in search of some Golden Gate crab. But after Kirk and his pal Mikey flop, they enlist the help of ace fisherman Sharky to...

The Curious Adventures of Kirk Lombard: Episode 2

3.0 42 x
Kirk and Mikey head off for a curious adventure in Portland, Oregon, where they meet local forager Wild Girl, who takes them on a tour of neighborhood flora and introduces them to the joys of rose hip sauce. Mikey may never get to eat the doughnuts he desires, but he has something better. “We totally made this muffin off t...

The Curious Adventures of Kirk Lombard: Episode 4

3.0 49 x
Oh majestic salmon! Giver of life! Provider of nutrients! Tough to snag if you’re just on a casual afternoon river outing! After their salmon fishing attempts fail, Kirk and Mikey must use all their foraging powers. Will they find happiness and dinner at the same time? Will they be able to clean the clam mud off their boot...

The Curious Adventures of Kirk Lombard: Episode 3

3.0 25 x
With his sea foraging at a low ebb, Kirk takes his pal Mikey to rural Oregon, where they meet Russian immigrant and countryside scavenging master Sergei Boutenko, who teaches them about the magic of weeds. They have a delicious snack straight from the ground, and they make a fiber-full smoothie from unlikely ingredients.
April 2014

Present Shock

3.0 22 x
Our society is too demanding, says media theorist Douglas Rushkoff, too overwhelming, just too much. So let’s turn back the chronological clock and act more instinctually, in the present moment, to enjoy a real quality of life. We need to hold onto some very basic biological rhythms and temporal awareness, he says. That’s ...
February 2014


3.0 40 x
There comes a time when you’re vacationing with your best friend in the Caribbean, and you casually mention how you’ve always dreamed of opening a hotel, and she counters with her dream of opening a restaurant, and the answer smacks you in the face like a Panama breeze. That’s how it worked for Pascale and Lamar when their...
October 2013

Our American Revolution

3.0 16 x
Robert and Suzanne Sullivan have a beautiful, humble house in Brooklyn. It’s a family museum, a cabinet of curiosities. Here’s a book Robert made. A bird’s nest. A ceramic ear created by their daughter. A dragonfly. Wisdom teeth. Letters from around the world. These precious keepsakes, each with their own history and story...

Cowtown Keeylocko

3.0 28 x
Ed Keeylocko, Korean War veteran, green-eyed, red-haired doorstep baby, never fit in anywhere but the desert between Tucson and Tombstone, Arizona. He was an authentic cowboy from the git-go. He knew what he wanted. “Dream of things that never were,” he says. So he built an entire old-fashioned working cattle town in his i...