January 2018

Family Business

4.0 3 x
An explosion in a rice field in Colusa County, California kills farm manager Roberto Ayala. But was it an accident? Keith Morrison reports.

The Sting

4.0 5 x
Dalia Dippolito, accused of hiring a hitman to kill her husband, goes on trial for the third time. Dennis Murphy reports on the mesmerizing story of an undercover police sting.

The Women and Dirty John

4.0 8 x
Keith Morrison reports on conman John Meehan, who made national headlines last year after his crimes and their final, deadly culmination were featured in the popular podcast, ‘Dirty John.’

Under The Prairie Sky

4.0 42 x
When a mother of three mysteriously disappears, the only clue is her abandoned vehicle on a lonely Montana highway. Josh Mankiewicz reports.
December 2017

A Cold December Morning

3.0 36 x
A mother of five is found dead in her Washington State home. But what leaves detectives the most shocked is the way she is found. Keith Morrison reports.

Before Dawn

3.0 22 x
Newlyweds Seth and Lisa Techel are expecting their first child, but a shotgun blast shatters their dreams on Memorial Day weekend, 2011. Dennis Murphy reports.

The Carrollton Plot

4.0 33 x
While away on business in California, Frank Howard, a high flying accountant from Carrollton, Texas, learns that his wife has been brutally attacked in their home. Andrea Canning reports.

Good & Evil

2.5 13 x
When a woman's body is discovered at an Anaheim trash facility, a detective makes a promise to her mother to get justice. Keith Morrison reports.

Under the Desert Sky

4.0 29 x
The murder of a Nevada teenager shakes the community to its core when the two most unlikely people make a shocking confession. Keith Morrison reports.

While He Was Sleeping

3.0 13 x
When a luxury car dealer is found dead, detectives suspect one of his lovers, but lack of evidence stalls the case for a year until one clue breaks it wide open. Josh Mankiewicz reports.