March 2019

The Motive

3.0 4 x
A young woman finds out her boyfriend might have killed a college football player out of revenge. She struggles with going to officials, fearing she could lose her life. Keith Morrison reports.


3.0 4 x
When a Florida law professor is shot, his family, friends and police are baffled. A complicated investigation leads police to a surprising theory of the crime. Dennis Murphy reports.


4.0 8 x
Andrea Canning reports on the murder of Shele Danishefsky, a wealthy New York City finance executive whose 2009 death was originally ruled accidental.

The Fire Inside

3.0 11 x
For the third time in a year, a fire in New Jersey is used to cover a murderer's tracks. Is this latest murder the work of a serial killer or is it personal? Andrea Canning reports.

Devil's Bathtub

3.0 21 x
After a father goes missing, his body is found in a field several miles away. Investigators uncover multiple suspects – even within his own family. Andrea Canning reports.

Vanishing of Kelsey Berreth

3.0 33 x
The award winning newsmagazine is classic story-telling at its best, covering an array of stories that range from mysteries and breaking news, to hidden-camera investigations and documentaries.

The Women and Dirty John

3.0 10 x
Keith Morrison reports on con man John Meehan, who made national headlines after his crimes and their final, deadly culmination were featured in the popular podcast, “Dirty John.”

The House on Sidney's Cove

4.0 8 x
A wife and mother of three disappears without a trace in the middle of the night. Dennis Murphy reports.

The Golden Child

3.0 34 x
Police are puzzled when a woman vanishes without a trace from inside her home in Washington, D.C. Dennis Murphy reports.
February 2019

Secrets of Lake Seminole

2.5 50 x
Authorities first believed Mike Williams drowned or was possibly eaten by alligators until his mother pressed law enforcement to reopen the case. Dennis Murphy reports.