Dateline: Secrets Uncovered


Season 9, Episode 6 - A Bronx Tale

4.0 4 x
Eric Glisson was convicted of a murder he swore he didn’t commit. To prove his innocence, he had to find the real killers, unearthing their long-held secrets. It would take years for the truth to be revealed, but could it set him free?

Season 9, Episode 2 - 12 Minutes on Elm Street

3.0 1 x
Cousins Nick Brady and Haile Kifer were best friends; they seemed like typical teenagers.

Season 9, Episode 1 - The Disappearance of Sandi Johnson

3.0 17 x
Sandi Johnson always put her kids first. When she vanished without a word, her loved ones were frantic. Police discovered dark secrets in Sandi’s marriage and several men in her life. Which one of them had something to hide?

Season 8, Episode 22 - One Moment

3.0 16 x
She was a young mom, pregnant with her second child, when she was gunned down on her way to work. Police zeroed in on the men in her life. To help find her killer, her sisters became amateur detectives and uncovered a secret.

Season 8, Episode 21 - The Man Who Wasn't There

4.0 40 x
He was the hardworking dad, she the doting mom. In the still of the night, strangers armed with knives destroyed all they had built together. Turns out, someone was hiding an ugly secret. Police would hatch an elaborate plan to uncover the truth.
Episodes 2019

Stealing Paradise

3.0 3 x
A group of adventurous Americans thought they had found paradise. It was a tropical hideaway, the kind of place where people didn't ask a lot of questions about their neighbors, until some of those neighbors started to disappear.

Tangled Web

3.0 5 x
Sam and Danielle Dreher appeared to have a storybook marriage but this ending was not happily ever after. When Sam was murdered, investigators discovered a twisted tale of secrets, lies and infidelity.

Twisted in Texas

3.0 5 x
Meghan Verikas had been attracted to Leon Jacob, in part, because as a doctor he saved lives. Now police officers were telling her he was trying to hire a hitman, potentially to take hers. But authorities had a plan of their own.

A Crack in Everything

3.0 6 x
For many, the holiday season is filled with joy but, for the Jennings family, the night before Christmas became a waking nightmare. A gunshot rang out and investigators had to unravel whether a secret lead to a tragic suicide or if this was murder.

Devil's Bathtub

Expired 3.0 4 x
Craig and Laura Rideout appeared happy but, after a contentious separation revealed an ugly secret, one of them would soon be dead. Clues pointed to four possible killers and left investigators wondering if this murder was all in the family.