David Spade: My Fake Problems

May 2014

David Spade - Acting Is Easy

3.0 217 x
David Spade - Acting Is Easy of the TV-show David Spade: My Fake Problems was broadcast by Comedy Central on Sunday 4 May 2014 at 3:05AM.

David Spade - Casual Robbery

3.0 101 x
David Spade enjoys the casual dress code of his audience.

David Spade - Celebrity D**k Pics

3.0 67 x
David Spade knows how Chris Brown's d**k pics were really "leaked."

David Spade - Driving in L.A.

3.0 193 x
Texting while driving isn't an exact science.

David Spade - DUI Checkpoint

3.0 74 x
David Spade has a very important message for his audience.

David Spade - Feeling Good

3.0 118 x
After taking prescription drugs, David Spade realizes that he's never slept correctly in his life.

David Spade - Going to the Gyno & Mom's Dogs

3.0 97 x
David Spade is skeptical of anybody training to be a gynecologist.

David Spade - Growing Up Poor

3.0 80 x
When David Spade was a kid, he had no idea that his family was broke.

David Spade - Skiing with Friends

4.0 440 x
David Spade calls for some innovation in the field of ski boots.

David Spade - Strip Club Trick

3.0 150 x
David Spade reveals the meanest prank that someone can play at a strip club.