Deon Cole: Cole Blooded Seminar

July 2016

Deon Cole - The Mystery of B Batteries - Uncensored

4.0 132 x
Deon Cole ruminates about everything from missing batteries to Adam and Eve.

Deon Cole - Cold Peanut Butter - Uncensored

4.0 176 x
Deon Cole explains why he taped his first stand-up special in Washington, D.C.

Deon Cole - Not Getting Jokes - Uncensored

3.0 16 x
Even though Deon Cole is a comedian, he doesn't always understand jokes.

Deon Cole - Managing Your Blackness - Uncensored

3.0 113 x
Deon Cole explains how and why black people adapt to their environments.

Deon Cole - White Actors

3.0 32 x
Deon Cole has noticed that, as far as black people are concerned, all white actors are the same.