May 2014

Kiss the Ring

3.0 51 x
Ringy, true to his nickname, finds a ring and it could have been from Chicago’s famous mobster era.

It's Torture!

3.0 46 x
Ringy finds something that Capone may have used to torture information out of rival gang members.

Mystery Pin

3.0 34 x
Tim finds a pin formed in the shape of a bird of prey that fell off of a soldier's uniform.

George Washington's Lost Camp

3.0 50 x
KG and Ringy are on a mission to discover two long-lost 1700s campsites where British General Edward Braddock died and George Washington became a hero. DIGGERS airs Fridays on National Geographic Channel.

The Lost Fortress

3.0 41 x
KG and Ringy have exclusive access to Rhode Island’s Fort Adams, which was home to the U.S. Naval Academy for a brief period during the Civil War, and hunt its castle-like Lost Fortress. DIGGERS airs Fridays on National Geographic Channel.
March 2014

Old Time Medicine

3.0 34 x
Ringy finds a medicine bottle from the 1800s that could have been used to dispense opium.

Civil War Coinage

3.0 40 x
Tim finds a coin from the time of Lincoln.

Stripper Clip

3.0 18 x
Tim finds a clip used to load bullets into a shotgun.

Custer's Payroll Chest

3.0 59 x
KG and Ringy are on an old-fashioned gold hunt in the Black Hills of South Dakota, looking for the lost payroll chest of one of America’s most famous generals, George Custer. DIGGERS airs Tuesdays on National Geographic Channel.

Civil War Roundness

3.0 33 x
KG finds a projectile from the Civil War.