Dr. K's Exotic Animal Er

November 2018

A Reptile Dysfunction!

4.5 40 x
It’s a wild day at Dr. K’s clinic, as a malnourished baby lemur named Lena rushes in, in shock, Stuart a beloved mouse gets a much needed eyelift, and a chameleon named Yoda has something unusual sticking out from under his tail.

How Venus Got Her Groove Back

3.0 5 x
Dr. K’s staff has their hands full with surprising cases, including an unusual water amphibian that has lost her groove, a wild softshell turtle that is hit by a car needs immediate attention, a Quaker parrot with an eye pecked out and more.
October 2018

Eggs-treme Measures

3.0 4 x
Unusual cases fill up Dr. K’s clinic, including a baby chicken missing a wing after a rat attack and a hedgehog with a bulging and dried out eye.

Bunny Royale

4.0 3 x
Merlin the rabbit is rushed in after a vicious attack and an emergency patient, Princess the pot-bellied pig, comes in after eating rat poison.

Silly Rabbit...

3.0 9 x
Dr. K’s clinic fills up with mysterious cases, including a sugar glider who is lethargic and isn’t eating, a gassy rabbit who worries Dr. K.


3.0 0 x
A snapping turtle case stumps Dr. K, a traveling hedgehog gives Dr. T the silent treatment, and a feisty pygmy goat stirs up some mischief.

A Prickly Problem

3.0 3 x
Athena, the skinny guinea pig, might need her foot amputated, and Dr. K performs emergency surgery on a baby bird who can’t breathe.
September 2018

Mighty Mouse

4.0 1 x
From an overweight pot-bellied pig to a tiny mouse with a wheeze, and a bunny with a mysterious bloat, Dr. K and the team treat all creatures.

All's Quail That Ends Well

3.0 4 x
Dr. K wrestles a pot-bellied pig, and handles an aggressive squirrel over a challenging stretch of days at Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER.

Hide n' Snake

Expired 3.0 2 x
It’s a wild few days as Dr. K and company try to keep control of crazy critters!