Whatever Remains, However Improbable

4.0 6 x
Holmes and Watson face their greatest challenge to date when a murder investigation threatens to destroy their partnership. (TV-14 V)

Fit To Be Tied

4.0 6 x
Holmes and Watson's deadly conflict with Sherlock's former friend Michael intensifies when their newest victim looks to be the serial killer's latest prey. (TV-14 V)

The Geek Interpreter

4.0 3 x
Holmes and Watson race to locate a missing woman when Harlan Emple, Holmes' friend and "Irregulars" mathematics expert, becomes the prime suspect in her disappearance. (TV-PG S, V)

The Visions of Norman P. Horowitz

3.0 2 x
Holmes and Watson search for a killer choosing victims based on the predictions of a deceased man who claimed to foresee the future deaths of others, including the murder of Sherlock Holmes. (TV-14 V)

The Worms Crawl In, the Worms Crawl Out

3.0 3 x
Holmes and Watson investigate multiple motives for murder when a zoologist is killed because of his numerous love affairs or his trailblazing research. Also, Holmes finds himself the victim of identity theft after his medical records are stolen. (TV-14 D, V)

Uncanny Valley of the Dolls

3.0 1 x
Holmes and Watson discover that the murder of a robotics engineer may be connected to his groundbreaking secret research in the area of real-life teleportation. Also, when Detective Bell is shut out of a required class he needs in order to complete his master's degree and join the U.S. Marshal Service, he is shocked to dis...

How to Get a Head

4.0 5 x
Holmes and Watson's investigation into the murder of a religion professor puts them on the hunt for a killer connected to the occult. Also, Holmes and Watson curate a list of potential replacements for Detective Bell when it looks likely the officer will be asked to join the U.S. Marshal Service. (TV-PG L, V)

Through the Fog

4.0 1 x
Holmes and Watson race to help Detective Bell when he becomes a victim of a bio-terrorism attack at the precinct and the station is quarantined. Also, Watson faces the difficult task of helping her mother, Mary (Freda Foh Shen), accept that her advancing Alzheimer's disease requires her to receive more medical care. (TV-PG...


3.0 3 x
Holmes and Watson investigate the poisoning of a relocation expert and discover the man led a decades-long secret career as a contract killer before his death. Also, Watson's path to adopting a child suffers a setback as she prepares for a home visit from her agency case worker. (TV-PG L, V)

Meet Your Maker

4.0 4 x
Detective Bell considers leaving the NYPD when he is recommended for a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity. Also, Holmes and Watson are hired by a private client to investigate the disappearance of a young woman who led a double life online as a financial dominatrix. (TV-PG D, L)