Expedition Unknown

October 2020

Season 8, Episode 130 - Josh Gates Tonight: King Me!

4.0 52 x
Josh dares to celebrate America's horror master, Stephen King.
September 2020

Season 8, Episode 129 - Josh Gates Tonight: Sherlock Josh

4.0 17 x
Josh goes Private Eye as he explores mysteries across the globe with the help of Stranger Things' Matthew Modine, guru Deepak Chopra and the "Indiana Jones of Art Heists," Arthur Brand. Josh also learns the tricks of the trade from a real-life PI.

Season 8, Episode 128 - Josh Gates: A Spot of Josh

4.0 17 x
Josh Gates goes on a virtual Anglophile adventure across the pond.

Season 8, Episode 127 - Josh Gates Tonight: Josh's Monster Mash

3.0 23 x
Josh Gates chats with actors and actresses about tales of good and evil.

Season 8, Episode 126 - Josh Gates Tonight: No Fear of Heists

3.0 27 x
Josh puts together a crack crew who knows how to pull off a great heist.
August 2020

Season 8, Episode 125 - Josh Gates Tonight: Alive

4.0 5 x
Come with Josh if you want to live as he tackles the world of survival. Guests include Scream's David Arquette who talks about his near-death experience, actor Josh Lucas of Alive and the stars of Discovery's new off-grid series, 100 Days Wild.

Season 8, Episode 124 - Josh Gates Tonight: Game, Set, Josh

3.0 10 x
It's Game Night as Josh Gates tries to run a dodgeball course.

Season 9, Episode 105 - Josh Gates Tonight: Are We Having Fin Yet?

4.0 8 x
Josh Gates takes a final bite out of Shark Week when he's joined by "Sex and the City" star John Corbett, Hollywood legend Bo Derek, Amber and Serena Shine who explain what it's like to be Naked and Afraid of Sharks and shark expert Lauren Meyer.

Season 9, Episode 104 - Josh Gates Tonight: The Gill of it All

4.0 10 x
Josh Gates is back with another shark-tacular night of interviews with Ruby Rose, star of "Batwoman" as well as Jim Belushi star of the new Discovery series "Growing Belushi" and shark expert Dr. Tristan Guttridge of "Monster Under the Bridge."

Season 9, Episode 103 - Josh Gates Tonight: Some-Fin Special

4.0 4 x
Josh Gates talks all things Shark Week with legendary comedian Jeff Foxworthy, Forrest Galante star of "Extinct or Alive: Land of the Lost Sharks" and shark expert Paul de Gelder who has the inside scoop on "Will Smith: Off The Deep End."